Portsmouth Public Schools
     Adult Learning Center
     2801 Turnpike Road
     Portsmouth, VA 23707
     (757) 393-8822
     Jasmine Galloway, Principal

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The mission of the Office of Adult Education and Literacy (OAEL) is to provide leadership and assistance to adult education and literacy programs with the purpose of raising the literacy levels of Virginia adults and out-of-school youth who do not have a high school credential.


To achieve this mission, OAEL has set the following broad goals:

    - Raise the performance levels of adult education    programs funded by OAEL.

    - Increase the number of GED® credentials and
      adult high school diplomas awarded in Virginia.

    - Increase efficiency, promote professionalism,
      and provide high quality customer service to all
      constituencies served.

    - Strengthen and expand collaborative
      relationships between adult education programs
      and mandated partners within Virginia's
      workforce development system and contribute
      to the transition of adults to employment and/or
      post-secondary education.

    - Contribute to the development of Virginia's
      workforce and, as a result, to the economic
      development of the Commonwealth.


New Student Orientation will be conducted throughout the program year. Please contact our office at (757) 393-8822 to obtain more information.
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